About the Name

   The name (Mt. Adullam) was inspired by the scripture in 1 Samuel 22:1-2.  After David

had conquered Goliath and many of the peoples hearts were turned to David and Saul became jealous and wanted to destroy David. So David escaped to a cave called ADULLAM which means (refuge) and Micah 1:15 called it (the Glory of Isreal) to hide from Saul and seek the Lord. While in the hold the Lord sent David 400 men who had all kind of problems and debt and set David a Captain over them and the Lord created out of all those men a mighty army who would go and win many VICTORIES including the saving of their own families.


If you or someone you know is READY to make some changes and go from failure to victory.... Give us a call... It's TIME you for you to escape that bondage !!!

About the Program

  Mt. Adullam is currently seeking a new facility for it's inpatient program but are taking applications for our outpatient program which will take place at our outreach ministry location in Cleveland, Tn. Please message for more info.. 


   If you or someone you know is ready to escape addiction, to get your life back in order, get your happiness back. Call us at 423-781-0728 ... Dont wait too late !!




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